Tuesday, February 3, 2015


went on a trip to thailand.  the city we stayed in was ao nang, just outside of krabi town, near phuket. we were there for two weeks, starting on christmas 2014, through new year's and into '15.

long boats above, and long tall sally (Anna) below.

the town was literally one road, and behind the shops/hotels it was rainforest.

it was hot (above) but the views were magnificent.

Anna checking the bus timetables (above) and then we caught a tuk-tuk, which is basically a minivan taxi with no back, and at times you'd have to just hold on to a ladder as to not fall off the back.
took that thing to the krabi city night market, a real hoot (below).

took the longboats over to the next island, reilay.

koh khai beach

suddenly there was a crazy storm, so everyone huddled into this shelter.

this guy came out of nowhere after the sun had shifted sides and ate some russian peoples' papaya.

new year's eve.

rice paper candellarias

these people must have never seen a blonde before.  they were tripping out.

one rocket had exploded shortly after blast off and hit us with sparks.

saw lizard king (above) on the rainforest path to the next beach from ours.

scheming on peoples' bags.

someone had let off a bomb from the night before and these dudes flipped out.

little one had his finger in the other's butt.

although we'd agreed not to do x'mas gifts, Anna got us a day trip firs to these hot spring pools

then to the blue lagoon

and then to tiger temple.  the stairs were 85* straight up and half meter tall each.

not to mention there were lice covered miniature people everywhere.

snapped off couple of good pics of this guy below and that was his limit.  then he lunged at me.

lice pickers everywhere

they could care less.  i could have been pointing a bazooka at them and they wouldn't care.

good idea.

better idea (above)
inside tiger temple (below)

went on a day trip to four islands.  our guide was named King Kong.  these were his feet.

russians everywhere (below)

king kong pointing at a 45* angle

everybody's a model these days.

next up, Hong Island.

this skier was tuckered out. (above)
mansion on the hillside. (below)

woman picking her nose while young balooga whales mate (above)
king kong's legs (below)

abandoned ship!

walks like a western banded gecko, croaks like a western banded gecko, but they weren't western banded geckos.  they were everywhere by night.  much faster than western banded geckos.

this guy was all about his pose.  and jazz.

found flower. (above)
found home (below)

our path.  nothing sketchy about it. (above)
our arrival (below)

ban ao nang beach.  this was the tenth year anniversary since the tsunami in '04.  the way the tide was retreating, i wanted to do the same. (above)
young thai boy/girl? (below)

tide pulls out?  might as well follow it and see where it leads! (above)
destruction of '04 (below)

sandy nuts (above)

our first driver (above)
we had another driver who'd left us for dead on an island and we had to hitch hike back to land.  we strong armed him and got our cash back.

light bulb eater (above)
cock fight champion of reilay island (below)

this guy popped up while we were having a drink at our regular bar and scared the pants off Anna.

out of order.  this was the russian papaya thief (above)

our hotel (below)

got my feet cleaned.  most likely 99% of these fish died shortly after (above)
2 buch haircut and 24 hour prescription glasses (below)

casual lunch break (above)
seconds before we were stranded yet again, this time our tuc tuc driver pulled over and said he was heading home (below)

hong island (below)
we got coconut tree hats (below)